Mid-Summer Pruning

by Lorraine on July 27, 2009

I received the newsletter from the Theodore Payne Foundation last week and avidly read through it.   I love getting this news letter, it’s right up there with receiving Sunset magazine and fulfills my “happiness” quotient among other things.

Checking out the topics on what should be done in a garden this time of the year, I was a bit surprised to read that Salvias should be trimmed about one-third down or at least deadhead the spent flowers.   I thought that they shouldn’t be pruned until this fall or winter, but I went ahead and did it anyway since Lily Singer with who is with the Foundation, definitely knows more than I do.

They are now in their summer attire, looking a bit brown and withdrawn from the rest of the garden.   I know that this is simply their method of coping with the summer and it’s heat, so I’m not worried in the least about their conditions.   But they do look rather sad in their appearance and I wish they look a bit prettier but my next Spring they will be blooming once again.

One of my Everetts Choice Fuchsias inexplicatively died which annoys me but it’s to be unexpected when you’re gardening.   Things happen, plants die and others thrive…most of the time it’s all a mystery and you don’t cry over it,  just resign yourself to these unplanned events.

I really didn’t like how ugly the Seaside daisies were looking near the tree to the right side of the garden, so I pulled them out.   I’ve been gradually removing them because they tend to overtake the other plants deprive them of enough space to grow plus I’m not really very fond of them anyway, although they do have cute white flowers on them.

I trimmed the Penstemons, Blue-Eyed Grass and the Desert 4 o’clock ( the stinky plant I wrote about before) and a few other things as well.   The garden is looking a bit more open and there are some bare areas where I’ve removed some plants but I do have some ideas as to what I want to do in those areas this fall but at this time I’m just leaving things as they are.

I love being in the garden and even though it was quite hot yesterday, there is a distinct feeling of satisfaction, knowing that I spent my time there and not sitting in front of a television, looking at mindless drivel or eating some delicious goodie that isn’t good for my health.   It’s best to be outside, use your body, enjoy the sun, the smells of the garden and of course the birds!

Not to sound biased about television but most of it is junk, unless of course, it’s HGTV, Planet Green or Ugly Betty!!

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1 barbara e 07.29.09 at 2:15 pm

I agree with Lili about the sages, though you can wait until winter (right before they start growing). Your garden sounds like mine – kind of quiet. I have been busy clearing mulch out of the parkway for the fire dept, but hope to do some other “piddling around” when I get a chance. Stay cool!

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