Extra Help in the Garden

by Lorraine on August 17, 2009

It took some time but I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn’t maintain my garden on my own.   I have an extremely busy life and believe or not, I do have a job that I find is necessary to “work at”, in order to pay my bills.

Now the ideal situation for me would to have unlimited income that would allow my to do exactly whatever I want and who wouldn’t?   Especially these days.  But that’s not realistic, however I will keep entering the Publishers Clearing House contest in the hopes that I will be the BIG WINNER!

Due to the fact that I am self-employed, a great deal of my time is spent marketing and networking in the community but it’s a necessary part of my profession.   I’m a bit tired of doing it and it keeps me away from the things that I really enjoy, however it is what it is.

Such as being in the garden.   Where else?   Well, maybe on a trail somewhere in a wilderness…that’s always good.

I’m digressing it bit here but I finally realized that I need help with taking care of the garden.   And in spite of the common belief that a native garden should do just fine without any attention, that is totally incorrect.   It’s like a marriage.   If you neglect it, it will get ugly and then you will have to unwind and repair the results of your neglect.

Then the next thing you know, in order to save your relationship, you and your garden will be in counseling, working out your issues and learning to trust one another again.  

I’m only kidding…

Enter Rigo.   I’ve know him for over 12 years.   He’s seen my through my various unemployed periods, boyfriends that didn’t work out and the parade of cats that I’ve had over the years.

He helped with some of the planting and heavy work when my friend Deena and I were first designing the plan for the garden.   I have to laugh when I recall how the three of us at dusk in pouring rain,  were  heaving huge mounds of mulch into the garden from a giant pile that was in the street in front of my house.

The water was starting to pool behind the mulch and we had to get it out of the street or there would have been a big mass of water saturated mulch that would have undoubtedly offended my neighbors.   Leaving it there wasn’t an option, otherwise it would have been too heavy for us to shovel into the garden later on,so we were frantically shoveling and tossing it into the garden

And most of the time, we managed to miss colliding with one another as we ran back and forth.   Most of it ended up in the areas where we intended it to go and not on one another.

After the garden was completed, there really wasn’t much for him to do anymore.   Other than occasionally digging up shoots from a Holly bush (That still persist…I hate that thing!) or cleaning up the back yard.   But he’s always been available to help whenever I’ve needed him.   And I need him now.

I will continue to spend time in my garden because that’s what I love to do.   But sometimes I’ve let things go a bit because I’m just too busy with my daily life.   Rigo is going to step in and for a least once a month, take care of it and keep things looking neat.

If you thought that maintenance isn’t necessary for native plants, you’re wrong.   There is usually something to be done but most of the time it’s dedicated by the Seasons and it’s still easier than a traditional landscape.

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