American Robins

by Lorraine on August 19, 2009

One of the many benefits and pleasures of my garden, is seeing the large variety of birds that have used it for feeding, fighting, making love and splashing around.  And I mean “splashing around“.

The other day, when I went out to pick up my Sunday paper, I noticed that the birdbath appeared to have had a  lot of action.   Water was splashed everywhere and the dish was almost empty.   Was there  a wild party going on that I just interrupted as I came out my door?

Lately it has seemed to me that things have been pretty quiet in the neighborhood.   Usually there are the ubiquitous Mockingbirds that drive us all crazy with the constant vocalization going on and on and on…all night, making you wish you could just reach out and smother the annoying bird.

Yeah, yeah, they are pretty, but there are very irritating   However, I’m getting off track here.   I’m talking about another type of bird, one that I haven’t seen here before.  Although they aren’t uncommon for California.   Just absent from my neighborhood

It seems that the individuals who had emptied the pool, were Robins.   Earlier in the year, I had seen one…a very big dude.   He seemed reserved, quiet and conservative in his attitude & usually I would see him looking for worms in my neighbor’s lawn.

He or she, hung around the neighborhood but other than that, was relatively absent from the action.   That has changed.

One bird has morphed into an entire family.   I’m talking about Mom & Dad and their four teenagers.   And they are all big birds.   They are hilarious to watch as the commandeer the birdbath, no other birds can get near it now as long as they control the situation and it appears that they don’t intend to give up their turf anytime soon.

Things are Quiet

Things are Quiet

It’s like they have pontoons and they create waves of water, sloshing over the sides of the birdbath, emptying it until there’s barely and water left in it.   I think they do this so that they can keep other birds away and they have been quite successful at it.

Although I did see one of the Mockingbirds attempt to come in for a slurp, looking very tiny against the bigger birds.   It was as though he was the skinny guy on the beach getting sand kicked in his face by the big muscular guy.

Remember those ads for Charles Atlas?   Well the Mockingbird was getting water kicked into his face instead of sand and needless to say, he was shoved out of the way and hasn’t been back.   He’s probably wishing one of my cats would get all of them.

Scene of the Action

Scene of the Action

All of this activity is making Chico, Biscuit and Sparkle crazy with lust.   They sit on the table in my kitchen, staring powerlessly out the window at the Robins, who of course…are oblivious to the dreams and aspirations of three hungry cats.

If I could capture of good photo of the daily party going on, I would.   But it’s too difficult of a shot because I’d have to get it from inside my house, looking out one of the windows.   But if there’s an opportunity for a good picture, I’ll attempt to get one.   They are really fun and entertaining to watch as they play & splash in the water.

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