Autumn’s Tentative Arrival

by Lorraine on September 15, 2009

Last Saturday was the perfect day to get caught up on doing some routine maintenance in the garden and I set about doing some pruning and spiffing it up a bit.   It was still warm but a gentle breeze was playing about and the sun seemed to have a more tranquil and lazy feel about it.

Just a hint of Autumn in southern California and a welcome break from the high temperatures that we had been experiencing the last two weeks.   Although the forecast is for 100 degree weather by this coming weekend but we know that summer is winding down.

Looking at the garden, I feel that it’s not nearly is pretty as it was a couple of months ago but then I remind myself that it’s during the hot summer months native plants go into a sort of hibernation that sustains them through the summer.

There are some plants blooming as always but several plants (especially the Salvias and the Mimulus/Monkey Flowers)  look dead.   But underneath their brown disguise lies the potential for new growth and fabulous blue and purple flowers on the Sages and ruffley yellow and orange ones on the Monkey Flowers

The lizards are still active as well as the Hummingbirds who are feeding on the orange-red Fuchsias and of course, constantly having arguments over who has dibs on the blossoms.  It seems to me that they never tire over their constant efforts to remain in control of their turf.

(Now that I think of it, many people are the same way.   Always fighting to stay on top but in the case of humans, it’s not usually about food, it’s about “stuff” and egos.)

The garden feels “relaxed” and somehow anticipatory of things to come.   I will be making some changes in the next few months and I’m also planning on starting to bring in native plants to my backyard.

Meanwhile there are tender and subtle hints of Autumn.   And those of us who are “true” natives of California, know it is so….

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