by Lorraine on October 14, 2009

It’s been raining a bit these last couple of days.   Not a whole lot, not a deluge (fortunately for those who live in the areas that recently burned).   Just kind of a misty, drifty moistness that makes everything look shiny.

Its a bit of a surprise for us to experiencing rain this time of the year because it’s more likely to occur in January and February, not in October.   But there are always surprises and even with the modern techniques to “predict” the weather…it contunes to keep us amazed and sometimes in awe of it’s radical persona.

My garden looks lovely in the rain, as all the plants seem to be glowing and relishing the washing off the the summer’s dust that made it look a bit dull.   Now it seems to be more alive, even though it is still in plant hibernation…with the exception of a few things.

I’ve noticed that there are returning birds, hopping about in the Quail Bush and nibbling on whatever it is they manage to find on it and of course, arguing amongst themselves in the process.   The Fuchsias are still blooming but looking a little ratty and soon I will be trimming them back to the ground.

This will prepare them for next years bloom.   And…I have several new plants that I purchased at the Theodore Payne Nursery a week ago, including an Incense Cedar/Calocedrus decurrens.

The tree is slow growing and is only in a 5 gal. container but I’m excited about it but once it’s established, it can grow 2-3 feet a year.   An Incense Cedar is one of the loveliest trees and provides habitat for birds and squirrels who love the seeds from the cones.  I’m planning on placing it in the backyard and that hopefully it will provide me with some privacy that I don’t currently enjoy and it may take some time to grow but I can be patient!

Along with it, I will be planting the other plants that I purchased the same day at the nursery.   I’m not sure when I will be getting to this project but hopefully within the next few weeks, as I’m anxious to get started. 

Plus in the meanwhile, I decided to purchase some Wooly Blue Curls, too since I noticed that they had quite a few of them.   They did very well in my garden and as a matter of fact, there is one that is still blooming.   But the other ones look as though they have started to decline and that means, soon they will be dead regardless of how much effort one tries to keep them going.

I’m kicking myself for not picking them up at the time when I saw them but now I have a good excuse to return to the native plant nursery and pick up a few.   I’m thinking that I will place some in the backyard and three in the main garden.

Meanwhile my selection of plants and I are enjoying the sweet and tranquil rain.

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