Ceanothus and Incense Cedar

by Lorraine on October 31, 2009

I’ve been hand watering a bunch of one gallon plants that I’ve purchased in the last couple of weeks and I plan on getting them into the ground soon but in the meanwhile, I need to dig out a few existing plants and I’m going to attempt to move them from my garden to the back yard.

I don’t know how successful I’ll be in this endeavor but the front became too crowded and there are several plants that I decided to remove or transplant.   Two of those are Ceanothus and I’m hoping that I will not kill them in the process but they can’t stay where they are now, as the will eventually become too large.

I’ve soaked the ground around them, dug my holes in the back earlier this morning and filled them with water.  Than it got too hot to do anything else, so I thought I’d wait until later today.   I’m also planning on putting the Incense Cedar that I bought a couple of weeks ago, into the location that I chose for it in the backyard.

I’m wishing that it was bigger as it’s just a small tree right now, about only 3 feet tall but beautiful and it makes me feel good looking at it.   I’m going to be overly optimistic that it will love it’s location so much, that it will grow quickly to 15 feet!   Yes, I know that, that’s not likely to happen but I can certainly wish for it, can’t I?

The evenings are cooling down at dusk and even the days have been cooler with clear, brilliant skies.   But today it warmed up, just another tease for those of us in southern California, making it confusing as to what we should wear.

Shorts and a tank top?   Or something warmer?   It’s not quite flannel shirt season yet but it will be I’m sure in the next few months.   I’m laughing remembering some of the bizarre things I wore when I was putting in the garden. 

A goofy, ugly, over sized, plaid flannel shirt with shorts and my Teva’s and socks.   A friend of mine cracked up when she saw me and just had to tell me that I wouldn’t be winning an beauty contests that day…

But I’m digressing here as I travel back in time…

Now that I have my thoughts back on course…. I’ll wait until later in the day and get everything done.   But I’m thinking….maybe I should have gone to the beach and worked on my tan which has faded to only a memory of summer.

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