An Ending of a Year & A Beginning of Another

by Lorraine on December 22, 2009

And I’m still “dancing”   As we head into the later days of December, I suppose it’s time for many of us to do some reflecting.   Thinking about what we dreamed about accomplishing in the beginning of this year when we made  affirmations  and now (maybe) wistfully looking back and possibly contemplating our obvious lack of commitment regarding those dreams and goals.   And they are typically made when we are feeling energized by possibilities but then not making an effort to achieve them.

I have been thinking along those line of goals, dreams and silly things and at the same time, watching my garden develop, change and become more a part of my life.

(An aside here for a moment:   For the FIRST TIME I have found a gopher mound in the garden!   I’m not too worried about it because my plants are well established but the poppies that are starting to sprout might fall vicitim to these toothy intruders.)

Anyway, I still have plants to get into my backyard that I’ve purchased back in October.   Due to my busy schedule and other unimportant things that tug on me for attention, I  have managed to not find the time to get them into the ground but I am determined to do so within the next two weeks.

So I continue to dance and so does everything else.

“Live with a dancing spirit.   The stars in the heavens are dancing through space, the earth never ceases to spin.   All life is dancing:  the trees with the wind, the waves on the sea, the birds, the fish, all are performing their own dance of life.   Every living thing is dancing and you must keep dancing too, for the rest of your life!”  Daisaku Ikeda

And thus, I am….

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