Hummingbirds, Quail and the Garden

by Lorraine on August 21, 2008

It’s now April 18th. and a single male Quail stood facing the front steps leading to my front door and stared at the garden. He was there early this morning and alone, no other birds were with him. He seemed lonely as it’s certainly unusual for a Quail not be be in a flock.

But there he was, looking quite jaunty in his feathers and his little cute “helmet” a top of his head. He didn’t move, but just stood there, looking to the right and left and right and left…as though he couldn’t believe what his little eyes saw. It was as though he was thinking, “Wow! Look at this!”

I think that he really liked what he saw as he trotted up the steps to be closer to the garden and check it out. After taking in the view of the amenities, he flew up on to the roof and disappeared. I sure hope that he returns with his family!.

Now that so many things are blooming, my front yard has become an airfield of amusement for the Hummingbirds. They are beside themselves with gluttony and drinking up as much nectar has they can. I finally picked up a book on bird identification and found out that they are Anna’s Hummingbirds with the males having a bit of red on their heads and the females have a red spot on their neck.

So, they are fighting it out with one another as to who gets to be in control of this new territory and it’s pretty funny because sometimes they fly right up to me, inches from my face as if to tell me I’m in their garden and I’m in the way.

My neighbor, Sally was saying that inspite of the fact that she has several feeders in her yard, she never sees them anymore. I laughed and said that, that’s because they’re all in my garden.

They are certainly agressive little dudes and Chico and Biscuit would love to catch them, but that will never happen. Especially since I’m always there when I do let them out into the garden.

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