California Spring in a Native Plant Garden

by Lorraine on February 23, 2010

I don’t know where to start or what to say because my garden is roaring with life.   Since we’ve had much more rain this winter than we’ve had in quite some time (which is very good), my plants have really developed and grown in the last few weeks and the garden is looking fantastic!

Over all, is the most beautiful variety of greens and grays, along with an inspiring mix of textures and smells.   Many things have started to bloom plus native bulbs are sprouting and the entire garden is filled with life.

Every day I am seeing more birds actively enjoying the benefits that a native landscape offers to wildlife.   They are seen in the bushes and pecking on the ground and collecting items to create their nests for the upcoming families.

I’ve been taking many photographs and only just today, managed to get some of them organized so that I would have a better idea of what types of pictures I have been shooting like crazy these last few weeks.

Woolly Blue Curls, Trichostema lanatum, are one of my favorite plants and from everything that I’ve heard about them, they are very difficult to grow in a garden.

Woolly Blue Curls & Calif. Sunflower

Woolly Blue Curls & CA Sunflower

 In this photo you can see how large this plant has become after I put it  into my garden two and a half years ago.   In addition to this one, there are eight others, all about the same size.   In the background is a CA Sunflower , Encelia californica which can be seen all over our hills.

To the left side you can slightly see a Manzanita that has also started to bloom with dainty pinkish flowers that look like small bells.   This particular one is called Howard McMinn and is considered to be relatively easy to maintain in a garden landscape.

Howard McMinn Manzanita

The garden looks so beautiful and its exciting everyday to see what has started to come out of winter hibernation, that I find it difficult to concentrate on my work, as I’d rather be outside, gazing at it, smelling the lovely fragrances and watching the wildlife indulge themselves in my corner of native habitat.

I will be updating with more pictures in the coming months as the garden barrels into spring.   It going to be amazing!

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1 Barbara E 02.23.10 at 8:44 pm

Clearly you have the magic touch for woolly bluecurls. They only last about 1 – 2 years in my garden… :~( And they are too expensive to treat like annuals. Oh well. Your garden looks beautiful!

2 Euan 02.24.10 at 8:43 am

oh I’m dead jealous of your Woolly Blue Curls. I bought seeds somes from the Theodore Payne Foundation last year and a grand total of heehaw (nada) even germinated. Everytime a see a pretty picture I feel the need to try again. Ok, I’m off to try again…

3 Country Mouse 02.25.10 at 1:32 pm

Nice to visit a SoCal native garden – I have also never tried Woolly Blue Curls, maybe this fall I’ll take the plunge! Your blooms are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. I’m also on the path of learning about natives, and it is endlessly fascinating.

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