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November 2009

New things in the Garden

by Lorraine on November 23, 2009

I’ve been so hectic with other responsibilities this last month, that it’s been very difficult to take any time to spend a moment on posting  anything here on the blog and I feel like I’m a little hampster, twirlin in circles.

Last month I went to the plant sale at the Theodore Payne foundation and delightedly, ran into Deena who I hadn’t seen in quite awhile.   Naturally she was there to buy plants too and we had talked and laughed together about how my garden was created two years ago and the rush to get it completed before we both left for the Christmas holidays.

Neither of us could believe how quickly the time has passed but talked about what we are doing now.   I was looking for some Sulphur Buckwheat in particular but the nursery didn’t have it.   Deena graciously suggested that she would pick it up for me at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden’s plant sale that was going to be on the first week of November.

I wasn’t going to be able to get there, because that is my one Saturday in the month when I’m volunteering with the Forest Service.   And I knew that we were going to be working in a particularly beautiful area along a stretch of trail next to the Sespe Creek.  Plus I was looking forward to seeing Fall colors, as the elevation is about 3,000 feet and I knew that the Cottonwoods would be a beautiful yellow and gold color.

Here is a lovely picture of the stream, looking so tranquil and peaceful.

On this particular trail event, the employees from The North Face store that was opening in Camarillo, joined us and lent a hand in brushing and cleaning the trail.   It was a fun group and I actually met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen in years!  We caught up on what we each had been doing and discussed my former boyfriend who now lives in Bend, OR.   I really need to send him this photo of Heidi and myself, I know he will get a chuckle out of it.

Ultimately Deena was able to get my plants for me and I only was able to finally get them planted the last few days.   But I still have about a dozen plants that are in their containers, waiting for me to get them in my backyard but I just don’t have the time to do it right now.   I’m hoping that within the next couple of weeks, I can finally get that done.

The garden is looking beautiful and I’m really happy with the changes that I’ve done.   I will be getting caught up in posting and soon I’ll have some new photos, plus I’ll tell you all about “Theo”.  My latest cat, a very pesty, big Siamese Lynx cat!

Here’s one more photo, taken at the end of our day on the trail.   Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Looking southeast, along the trail.   Buckwheat & Rabbit Bush lend their beauty.

Looking southeast, along the trail. Buckwheat & Rabbit Bush lend their beauty.

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