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Valentine’s Day in a Native Garden

by Lorraine on February 14, 2011

While lover’s are sharing expressions of “love” and romance on what is “officially” the one day of the year to do so (Why not show your love everyday?), I am digging in the garden and moving some plants around.

Gardening is an expression of “love” that doesn’t entail the typical emotional dramas that far too often occur between human lovers but more of something that comes from being united with nature and observing where you fit into the natural world.

Just like lovers, there are disappointments, such as  when a plant dies or frankly it just doesn’t have the personality that you were hoping would enhance your garden, but you get over it, unlike being hurt or betrayed by someone you thought  loved you….

Those kind of hurts can take months to recover from….but a betrayal by a plant?   lolo…no drama in that.   It just ends up in the mulch pile and continues it’s evolution as it breaks down and eventually becomes potential energy for other life.

Yes, today is a beautiful, lovely, caressing day of emotion that pulls upon my heart.   The garden is filled with new blossoms, the fragrances of the Saliva’s puts me in mind of being out on a trail, hiking for the day and makes me feel quite happy.  Birds are swooping in and of of the garden on their individual missions to find nesting material for their house plans and wooing their own “Valentine” avian lovers…..

However, my garden is my “lover” and one that accepts me unconditionally regardless of my mood or frame of mind and it continuously provides me with the nurturing and love that we all need.  Just a little attention from me and it thrives and provides a place of retreat in our busy daily lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all Gardners and nature!


Reverence for Nature

by Lorraine on April 28, 2010

My greatest dream is to transform the suffering of humanity into peace and happiness for all inhabitants of the planet, leading to respect for the dignity of all life within the environments of the earth.   There is no separation between ourselves and nature, all is interconnected and profound if only people would awaken to this truth.

Looking Out and Within

Embracing this understanding  that the planet and all its creatures must be treated with reverence and protected from harm and degradation would transform suffering and create great good.  Protecting nature is kindness to ourselves since we are of it, the environment and the universe as well and will lead to peace.

“Imagine” as John Lennon once said.

All is inclusive.

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