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Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine & a Palapa?

by Lorraine on February 21, 2012

It’s the weather, music, my mood and the recent arrival of  Sunset Magazine that always puts makes me envious, wishing I had a “Sunset” lifestyle.

Sigh…it’s so beautiful today and although I have been working at my profession, I’m not in the mood to do it because the skies are blue, the breeze is gentle and the sun is soft.   I’d like to do nothing but spend my time in the garden, read the magazine and dream….

At this time  California poppies are beginning to bloom and their bright, brilliant color in the garden, are like sententials for spring.   And then there are the blue, dainty flowers floating upon long stems of Blue-Eyed Grass /Sisyrinchium bellum that make such an eye catching contrast against the poppies.

I have been listening to Hawaiian music on  the Mountain Apple Company’s “radio” for most of the morning and dreaming of a Hawaii and the peace and beauty of the islands & the time when I kayaked from the beach at Kailua over a coral reef to a small island.

Then there’s the Palapa….Sigh, I could be on a Mexican beach, staring out over the ocean, drowsy and dreamy.

But I’m here and not in Mexico or Hawaii but I do have my native garden that is a good substitute for a vacation, sans the palapa but at least I do have Sunset magazine.


It’s Summer & Where do I Start?

by Lorraine on July 24, 2010

You would think that I would have all kinds of time to talk about what’s going on in my garden but I always have too many avenues I’m running to the next destination.   I love my garden but honestly, there isn’t always anything new to say about it.   It’s just doin’ its thing, growing, moving through the seasons and is now adapting to the hotter temperatures of summer.

This is actually it’s second summer and looking back over time, I can see that overall, the garden has thrived and done well with few casualties.   Which is to be expected but I guess I got lucky in that regard, because I have lost very few plants.

I received the Poppy Print newsletter from the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants the other day.   And as usual, I find myself longing to drive over to the nursery, poke around, smell the plants and enjoy the ambiance of colors and sound…..lots of birds and the “crunch” of walking on the gravel pathway.

Here is a photo of the nursery from last Fall.

There’s lots of news in it about what is for sale, upcoming classes covering topics such as Irrigation for Native Plants, Maintenance, Native Plant horticulture and several others, too.  All the classes are wonderful and a great way to gain information if you are interested in using Natives in your garden.

Here’s a picture of an old house that has since been restored and is now used as a classroom.

The section on what needs to be done in the garden now, is also very helpful and I always make sure that I read it so that I know what I should be doing.   Sort of like what Sunset Magazine does each month in their gardening section.   And of course, it’s mulching, weeding, pruning (Which I will be doing, today) and putting in plants.

Meanwhile in my garden, the Hummingbirds are returning to visit the Fuchsias that have started to bloom and the sages are beginning to go into summer hibernation, but Desert Lavender/Hyptis emoryi, continues to bloom and draw bees to each plant.

It’s warm today but not too hot and soon I will be heading outside and begin my Communion with my native garden.