California’s Drought

by Lorraine on September 6, 2014

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything about my chaparral garden, due to the fact the my life has been very busy with my profession and frankly, there isn’t always much in the way of new things to share.

Given that, my garden has certainly changed and evolved over the last several years, since I removed my lawn and put in California native plants.   I have eliminated some things that just didn’t work out or due to over planting, tried some new plants with a few failures but overall, the garden has done very well.

We are now in the middle of the worst drought that California has experienced.   We didn’t have any rain here in Southern California last winter and I had to do more supplemental watering because of the lack of rain.

I am beginning to see some neighbors who have stopped watering their lawns but then there are those people who continue to water like they normally would and are ignoring the requests of the different water agencies to make efforts to conserve it.

It’s very frustrating to see  water running down the gutters, because some idiot doesn’t care about our problem and won’t make any effort to change their water habits.  And I could really go on a serious” rant about how I feel about these self-absorbed people, but I won’t….

We are all hoping that this winter will bring a series of storms to the state, as all of our reservoirs are very low and now the more serious concern is the amount of ground water that is being removed at a rapid pace, too.

Meanwhile, my own landscape is holding up quite well and yes, I do have to water during the summer, but only about once every three weeks.

Most of the plants have been dormant through the summer and as things begin to cool off and hopefully we have some rain, it will spring to life and show how gorgeous a landscape with native plants can be.



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