Summer in the Garden

by Lorraine on September 5, 2008

I’ve had a number of requests for some recent pictures of the garden so I took a few photos yesterday in the afternoon and then in the evening.   You will notice that where the Poppies were previously blooming, things look a little bare, other than one Sage that is growing after having been smothered by the poppies.


The Asters (Chilensis) are the large bushes with purple flowers and the reddish flowers on the other plants are  Zauchneria’s, otherwise know as Fuchsia’s and in this case, Everetts Choice.   The Hummingbirds are nuts over these and from early morning until almost dark they are swirling through the garden and enjoying all the nectar that they can manage to suck up.




The Garden in the Evening

In the foreground of one of the pictures, you can see a rather large bush with yellow-gold flowers.  The leaves are heart-shaped and very, very velvety to the touch.  This is a favorite plant of mine and there are two more along the side of the wall, but this one is the biggest.


It’s an Abutilon palmeri/ Indian Mallow and I darn near killed it when I planted it because it was in a 5 gal. container and pretty large at the time.   I struggled getting it into the ground and may have damaged the roots in the process because it looked really bad for weeks afterwards.


During that period of time while I waited and watched to see if it would live or not, I kept a table over it to keep it in the shade during the hottest time of the day.  I am now amazed when I see at it, because it looks so good and it’s completely covered in flowers and is thriving in spite of my ineptness.


Indian Mallow


I guess my patience and extra special after care- paid off.

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