Native Plant Gardening

by Lorraine on September 26, 2008

My Native plant garden is amazing and it has thrived in it’s (almost) first year of existence.   Soon my garden will be having it’s first birthday and I’m so happy about how well its done and all of my fears about gophers or the Bermuda lawn, never materialized.  The plants have flourished and some have grown to be very large, such as some of the sages and the Quail Bushes. 

Native plants are the way to go in anyone’s garden.   There is such a huge variety to chose from, making it very difficult to narrow down what you end up using in your garden.   The Fall plants sales will be coming up in Oct. and Nov. and I will post those dates, so that if anyone decides that they want to get some native plants, now is your chance.

We are coming into our Santa Ana (windy, very windy) season and I’m hoping that it will not be as bad as it was last year.   The winds are very hot, crazy and scary and usually we have brush fires that break out.   Last year there were several burning in southern California all at the same time and many homes were lost, not to mention native vegetation and wildlife.

The nights are now cool, almost requiring a sweater but the days are hot.   It’s actually over 100 degrees today, but very beautiful.   My plants are thriving and I only lost a few of them during the year after they were planted.

The garden’s year was filled with butterflies, lizards and many types of birds.   Wildlife has found my garden to be a wonderful place for cover and food.   In the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that there seems to be an abundant amount of small lizards.   They are about 1.5 inches in length and have obviously staked a claim in the garden.

They are scampering over the rocks or sunning themselves on them.   Typically looking for bugs to eat and in general, enjoying the view of the plants, flowers and hanging out.

Tomorrow, I will finally start to write about the class that I attended last June on Salvias.   Otherwise known as sage.   A “must” for a Native garden.  so stay tuned.

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