Sages, Salvias & Other Garden Plants

by Lorraine on October 7, 2008

I’m picking up on the Salvia class from last June, so this isn’t a current post in “real” time.

The information that was given out during the class on Salvias, was very overwhelming!   Wow!   there’s so much to know about them and there’s so many different types, shapes, sizes, you name it, there’s one that will be just right for you. 

I was doing the best that I could, taking notes but it was difficult to keep up with all of the comments that were shared among all of the attendees and Bart.   Needless to day, there were quite a few questions as well, but the handouts were great so at least I’m a little bit more informed about how to take care of these beautiful plants.

Meanwhile the Chilensis Asters have really grown quite large and are covered in small daisy-like, pale lavender flowers.   I posted a photo of one of them in an earlier “post”, so you will have to back track a bit to find it.   But what is really great, is the Penstemon spectablis or Royal Penstemon!

I have three of them planted in the garden, but one of them in the middle of garden has become huge and it’s blooming with lots of flowers.   It’s about 4′ high and at least that wide.   The stalks go up another 2′ feet and the blossoms are a beautiful pinkish color.

It is a very showy plant and you can be sure that the Hummingbirds are making many trips to it for their meals.   Later in the Summer when I happened to be at the Theo. Payne Foundation nursery, I noticed that they had panty hose covering the flower stalks to catch the seeds.

Royal Penstemon

Royal Penstemon

Pretty clever, huh?

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