Ventura, CA has a new Native Plant Nursery

by Lorraine on January 17, 2010

When I was first looking into re-landscaping my front yard and switching over to using only native plants, I found that not only was there a dearth of information but there were not too many places to purchase plants.  All the local nurseries only carried “exotics” and nothing that I wanted for my new design.

There were a handful of them, scattered about in southern California and other than the Theodore Payne Native Plant nursery, there was nothing near by me.   Now that has changed in the last few months.

A new one has opened in Ventura and the owners are very well trained and experienced in the use of native plants for homeowners who are  considering making a switch from traditional landscaping, to something more beneficial to the environment and wildlife.

A large part of this recent interest is due to the fact of the shortage of water that southern California has been experiencing for quite some time, resulting in rationing of it for landscaping purposes.   Now the locals want to know more about what they can do to save water and that’s were native plants star.

This new nursery is called Nopalito Native Plant Nursery and is owned by two guys who are cousins, Rick and Antonio Sanchez and their sidekick, Kenji Akune.   Both Rick and Antonio gained experience and knowledge by their previous employment with the Theodore Payne Native Plant Nursery in Sylmar and have brought that knowledge to their new business.

They have a nice selection of plants and are conveniently located right next to the 101 freeway, making it easy to drop buy and see what they have in stock.

Some of their selections of plants.

Some of their selections of plants.

They are also hosting a series of lectures from well-known speakers who are experts in the use of native plants, maintainence, design, water issues and wildlife.   Their next speaker on Jan. 30th., will be Lili singer from the Theodore Payne Foundation and her topic will be “The ABC’s of Native Plant Gardening”.

Be sure to go to their website and see what plants they have to sell and note their upcoming lecture series, as you won’t want to miss them and you will gain a lot of information that you didn’t have before.

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